Emotional Eating

The Emotional Eating: Food and Your Mood program is a six week series offered through the Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women partnership.  Starting in late January, the program is designed to help women develop a healthy relationship with food and develop a healthy lifestyle.  Discussion topics include managing overwhelming feelings and cravings, mindful eating, nutrition and portion control and making sustainable change.  The program is facilitated by members of the Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women team.

Creative Circle

Monday afternoons, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, women gather here at the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre to knit, crochet, weave and do other various crafts while meeting with new women and form lasting friendships.  The creative circle is a free program with some supplies to get you started on a new hobby.

Managing Anxiety

Understanding, Managing and Working with Anxiety is a four session series designed to help women develop the tools they need to manage feelings of anxiety.  Facilitated by women’s support workers, the program offers opportunity for women to clearly identify how anxiety impacts their lives, practice healthy coping techniques, and strategize about addressing negative self-talk and mistaken beliefs that trigger anxiety.

Support Groups For Survivors of Sexual Trauma

The Women’s Centre offers Stage I and Stage II Groups for Adult Survivors of Sexual Trauma. The Groups are facilitated by a therapist who has training and experience specific to working with survivors of trauma and of sexual violence. The groups work from a feminist perspective and are offered when a minimum of 8 women have expressed interest.

Stage IThis is a facilitated 8-session program that runs once a week for 2.5 hours. It is an educational group for women who are beginning their healing process and want to build a foundation for this work by developing practical coping skills in the areas of managing flashbacks, setting healthy boundaries, building a support system, nurturing self-care and developing self-compassion.

Stage IIThis is a 10-session therapy program that runs once a week for 2.5 hours. This is a therapeutic group for women who are at a place in their lives where they are ready to being healing from the effects of their sexual abuse or assault in a group setting. Women will have completed the Stage I group prior to starting this program. Topics include trauma effects and the healing process, emotional numbing, exploring self-blame, body image, relationship effects, creating pathways for anger and grief, and reclaiming self-worth.

Income Tax Preparation Program for Low-Income Women

The Income Tax Preparation Programs provides support to low-income women and family members needing help with preparing their income tax returns. The returns are completed by volunteers. In situations where the return requires expertise beyond that of the volunteers, the Women’s Centre will make a referral to another service.

C@P Site

The Women’s Centre houses a C@P Site which provides Internet access for women. The C@P Site is available during business hours and can be used as an on line resource or for personal purposes.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Women’s Centre encourages women to get involved in its work. Through meeting with other women and through volunteer work at the Women’s Centre, many women have made positive changes in their lives. Women mentor other women and model assertiveness, positive self-esteem and healthy attitudes towards problem-solving and goal setting. Volunteering at the Women’s Centre helps women develop the confidence they may need to pursue education and employment goals. Volunteers are required to participate in a volunteer orientation and training session that prepares them for the tasks they are undertaking. Volunteers help with office support, library maintenance, and fundraising.

  • September 10, 2018
    • Creative Circle starts up again September 10, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Antigonish Women's Resource Centre, 219 Main St, Antigonish, NS B2G 2C1, Canada
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