Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women

Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women opened in February 2005 to provide collaborative woman-centered primary health care programs and services for women and adolescent girls. It is a partnership of the Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority, the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and the medical community. Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team that includes Mental Health

Services, Addictions Services, Public Health Services, the Women’s Centre, a physician and a nurse practitioner. Along with the medical care provided by the physician and nurse practitioner, Lindsay’s Health Centre offers a series of programs that are designed to help women make informed decisions about their health.

Thursdays 9:00am to 4:00pm

Our services and programs are open to all women and adolescent girls. We welcome women from diverse communities including aboriginal, immigrant, visible and language minority women, women with disabilities, and lesbian, bisexual and queer women.

Who will I see at Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women?
You will first be seen by a support worker. She will talk with you, explain how the Centre works, and direct you to the person you would like to see.

Our Approach to Providing Services
Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women is guided by women’s diverse experiences and knowledge. We value and encourage women’s ideas and insights about their needs and we work with women to provide services appropriate to their needs. Programs and services are designed to enhance the understanding, self-care, self-help and self advocacy abilities of each woman.

Our Philosophy
Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women is committed to facilitating the empowerment of women, individually and collectively, in all its programs and services.

We Believe 

  • Every woman has the right to make informed decisions about her health.
  • A woman’s health improves when she has a greater sense of control over her life situation.
  • Gender is a key determinant of health as are social status, income, employment, education and social supports.

Our Name

Lindsay’s Health Centre for Women is named in honor of Lindsay Elizabeth Myers, a woman and health professional with strong connections to the community. Lindsay had a deep commitment to social justice and was a tireless advocate for the most vulnerable in our society. She embodied the spirit of strength and empowerment that we aspire to pass on to the women who use our services.

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