Antigonish Affordable Housing

The women’s centre is a grassroots organization, which means that our work is driven by the issues presented by women who participate in our programs and events and who access our services. Our volunteers and staff member also contribute to setting the priorities for our work.

We became involved in housing poverty issues because we had women on our staff and within the mother organization, the Antigonish Women’s Association, who were living in inadequate and overpriced rental housing – basically, experiencing the long-standing issues in the captive Antigonish housing market. We knew the issue from the inside, so we were well-positioned to respond to the many women with the same problem who were coming to us for help.

In 1989, we began researching and analyzing the situation, and speaking out to the public, government officials, and elected representatives. In our own office, and through affordable housing organizations, we amplified the voices of women struggling with housing poverty, and we called for more public investment to alleviate this problem. For two separate periods, we established and worked with the community organization that recently built 14 new affordable apartments. Although we are no longer part of that organization (since late 2013), we still monitor and analyze the situation, we still speak out, and we still serve many women struggling with housing poverty.

For a detailed review of our affordable housing leadership over the past 30 years, and for analysis of provincial and federal public housing policy, click on this link


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