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Background of Antigonish Community Transit Society

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Organizational History

In 2010 the Antigonish Regional Development Authority, Sustainable Antigonish and the Antigonish Poverty Reduction Coalition brought together stakeholders to begin a discussion on a transit strategy for the region. It had been noted, through community discussions held earlier that year, and previous attempts to bring transportation options to the community, that transportation was, and continues to be, a large factor contributing to poverty and a lack of health and wellbeing in the community.

Transportation affects every aspect of one’s life. Adequate transportation allows a person to go grocery shopping, participate in the community, ensure they are able to maintain their health by going to doctor’s, dentist and other health care provider’s appointments and that they can travel to and from various activities that they deem important in their life (work, childcare, family visits etc.). In Antigonish, there are many people who face significant challenges in their efforts to lead healthy, meaningful lives due to their lack of transportation.

The Antigonish Community Transit Society is comprised of a group of dedicated community members representing various community organizations around Antigonish (Guysborough Antigonish Strait Strait Health Authority, St. Francis Xavier University, the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, the Town of Antigonish, the Community Health Board, CAREvan, the Antigonish Poverty Reduction Coalition, etc).


Progress to Date

In 2013 ACTS created a community presence around multi-modal transportation and has begun moving towards a transportation strategy for the area.  In January of 2013 NS Moves granted ACTS approximately $2 000 to undertake a study of various transportation models that could be applicable in Antigonish, a summary of local research conducted concerning transportation in the community and potential funding opportunities.

Subsequently NS Trip provided funding towards a feasibility study and business plan for a transit system in the region. With the business plan now finished, ACTS is moving towards a pilot project to begin in September 2014. This pilot project will cover the town every weekday from 8am to 5pm and it will service one area of the county each day, arriving at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital around 10 am and leaving town again at 4pm. There will be two buses for this pilot project, so whenever one bus is sitting idle, it can be used by community groups and individuals for charters, wakes, weddings, excursions etc.

A further grant from NS Moves is being used to develop a comprehensive multi-modal transit strategy for the Antigonish Town and County. This plan will reduce reliance on single occupancy vehicles and increase the existence of Active Transportation. Through these grants, ACTS was able to hire a staff person to ensure that all the objectives for the grants were being met and change was occurring with regards to transportation in the area. ACTS has coined a new logo for the group and became an official society recognized under the Registry of Joint Stocks. The Society will continue to work with all stakeholders, including the Town and County to increase the transportation options and availability to community members across Antigonish.


Organizational Objectives/ Mission/ Mandate/ Values



  • To respond to people’s limited access to services, programs and community activities by facilitating more effective and sustainable transportation options for community members within Antigonish town and county
  • To increase awareness of the transit deficiencies in Antigonish town and county through advocacy and public meetings
  • To coordinate multi-faceted transit strategies in Antigonish town and county
  • To initiate a mechanism for the effective management and fund raising to establish, operate and sustain our strategy
  • To be environmentally conscious and aware of the impacts a transit system can have on the environment


  • To provide a green, sustainable, multifaceted, community based transit strategy that provides accessible, efficient, reliable and safe travel for all residents and visitors in Antigonish town and county.


  • To work towards increasing transportation options, accessibility and convenience for the residents of Antigonish town and county in order to increase health and well-being in the community


  • That ACTS be accountable to the entire Antigonish town and county community
  • That ACTS be environmentally sustainable and acknowledge the importance of a sustainability-based analysis
  • That ACTS creates and maintains convenient services for everyone
  • That ACTS’ services be physically, financially, socially and culturally accessible to all community members
  • That ACTS’ services increase the options for travel around Antigonish town and county


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