Consent Education

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Faye Fraser

Sexual Violence Prevention and
Education Coordinator

Our Consent Education is a violence prevention program for youth in schools from middle and high to post-secondary.
It is offered in partnership with schools locally in the Strait Regional Centre for Education and with St. Francis Xavier University.

About the Program

Our Consent Education covers the basics, ethics, laws, and practicalities of consent and coercion for youth in grades 7 to 12 and university/college-aged students. It was developed in partnership with the Strait Regional Centre for Education to build the capacity of support staff in schools to address sexual violence.

we Do

Our sexual violence prevention and education coordinator facilitates a two-part, participatory workshop that focuses on building knowledge and skills around the basics of consent such as: understanding verbal and non-verbal communication, recognizing coercion, and learning ways to ask for consent.

Included in the workshop are discussions on intimate image sharing, age of consent, and drinking and consent.

Our sexual violence prevention and education coordinator provides follow-up presentations focused on specific aspects of consent education and violence prevention such as: media literacy, pornography, and healthy relationships.

How we Work

Our Consent Education is feminist, anti-oppressive, and, human rights-based. It is also interactive and engaging, providing opportunities for youth to apply what they have learned in practice scenarios. It is an adaptable program for use across different ages and groups.

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Care of ourselves and of our communities is important to us. We continue to work, though in changed ways following public health guidelines related to the
COVID-19 pandemic.

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