Inspire Program

email faye@awrcsasa.ca or call 902-863-6221

Faye Fraser

Sexual Violence Prevention
and Education Coordinator

The Inspire Program is a group program for female-identified adolescent youth that provides them with a safe, non-judgmental, and girl-friendly space to share, discuss, and learn about topics that are relevant and important to them. It is offered in partnership with schools locally in the Strait Regional Centre for Education and with community partners, like the Paqtnkek Health Centre.

About the program

The Inspire Program offers a supportive environment and connections for adolescent girls to access information and resources according to their interests and needs.

we Do

Our Inspire team structures programming around the unique interests and needs of each and every youth and each and every group, across an 8 to 10 week meeting schedule. Topics include the following:

  • body image
  • self-love and self-care
  • healthy relationships
  • stress and coping
  • gender and sexuality
  • sex
  • media

How we Work

The Inspire Program is designed to reflect the female-identified adolescent youth participating in it. It focuses on celebrating and strengthening their critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills.

What Youth Say About the Program


Care of ourselves and of our communities is important to us. We continue to work, though in changed ways following public health guidelines related to the
COVID-19 pandemic.

Reach out via phone or email to know more about these changes.