Women’s Support Worker

Individual and Group
Support Services

The AWRC offers women and adolescent girls a range of services and programs. Women may come to the women’s center for information and support when and as often as they determine necessary. 

In this way women are able to get information and support on an ongoing, as needed basis and to work through problems as they arise rather than letting them escalate. Women’s autonomy, confidentiality and privacy are respected.

Services for Women / Adolescent Girls

  • information
  • crisis intervention
  • short-term and ongoing support that includes problem-solving and emotional support
  • advocacy
  • accompaniment
  • referrals
  • skill development and volunteer opportunities
  • alternative measures and student placement opportunities

Information and Support

The Women’s Centre can provide women and adolescent girls with the information and support they need to make positive changes in their lives. Women want to live full, healthy lives and to develop both the internal resources and the external support they need to do so. This may mean working through poverty related concerns, removing themselves from an unhealthy relationship, healing from childhood traumas such as sexual or physical abuse, freeing themselves from addictions, building self-awareness and a sense of power over their lives, finding adequate employment, enrolling in academic upgrading and re-training programs, and developing positive parenting skills.

The Women’s Centre supports women as they work on any and all of these issues, develops programs that meet the specific needs of women, and connects women with other resources that may be helpful in any given area. Women’s Centre staff can help link services a woman is using and act as her advocate with other agencies.

Advocacy and Accompaniment

At the request of women and adolescent girls who come to the women’s center, Women’s Support Workers advocate for and accompany women to legal, medical and social service appointments, as well as to court and the hospital. This is particularly useful when a woman is in a state of anxiety or trauma or feels unable to speak for herself. As advocates, Women’s Support Workers are able to help women find answers to their questions and negotiate systems that can be complex, confusing and intimidating. When providing accompaniment Women’s Support Workers are able to take notes, ask supportive questions or for clarifications, and help sort out areas of confusion with women afterwards. This is beneficial to providing support, building competency and a sense of independence for the women concerned as well as in making the most effective use of the time of the lawyers, social workers, crown, physicians and others involved.


The AWRC has an excellent working relationship with and is committed to working with other social service agencies to facilitate more effective responses to women and their children. Referrals between agencies can ensure women receive the help they need. The Women’s Centre receives referrals from social service agencies, health care providers and community organizations and makes referrals for women to other services.

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