Inspire is a program for adolescent girls designed to provide them with a safe, non-judgmental, and girl-friendly venue for developing life skills. The program aims to provide a safe supportive environment for adolescent girls to access information and resources pertaining to their needs. We seek to provide positive mentoring and role modeling, that encourages self-care, healthy decision making and the development of critical-thinking and problem solving skills. The group setting fosters the development of effective communication and social skills and promotes a sense of self and an awareness of rights and responsibilities to the community. The Inspire Program is generally co-facilitated with a Public Health Nurse, guidance counselor, or schools plus outreach worker from each community or school.

The Inspire Program is designed to reflect the needs of the girls participating in it. The girls determine the topics they would like to focus on. Generally, they include self-esteem, body image, media awareness, stress management, healthy relationships, mental wellness, LGBTQ+ topics and issues, etc. Community professionals have also come in to Inspire to talk about different topics. Having community agencies in to speak ensures that the girls receive accurate information from experienced staff, familiarizes them with the services available to them in their community, and model career choices available to them.

Inspire is for you if you are interested in:

  • Connecting with other girls
  • Learning more about issues affecting you and other girls your age
  • having interesting discussions on topics YOU care about


Where is inspire offered?

  • East Antigonish Education Centre, Monastery
  • Tamarac Education Center, Port Hawkesbury
  • Paqtnkek Community Centre


Comments from past participants:


“What I like most about Inspire is…“that we can talk and not get judged”

“I want to tell the facilitators that they have accomplished raising my confidence”

“This group made me feel more confident”

“Taught me how to love myself again”

“I learned to not care what anyone thinks and to love your body”

“I’m excited that all the girls got closer when we were in the group”.

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